Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Tourist in Melbourne Town

So - here I am in chilly Melbourne, (actually, it's sunny right at the moment but if I've learnt anything over the past week it is never to believe the good weather, she's just a tease).

I have been more or less without internet for the last couple of weeks and so have found myself being productive in other ways, with visits to Art galleries, libraries, exercise, yoga, friends and work... you know, all that stuff that seems less important when you get distracted by the magical mysteries of the interwebs.

I am staying very near a suburb called Moonee ponds. Sound familiar possums? Yes, that's right, my friend Janine assures me it is the geographical and spiritual home land of Dame Edna. It feels great to be so close to a national treasure.

As I may have already mentioned to some of you, there is a church of scientology (alien acceptance headquarters) next door. Did you know they wear matching waistcoats while relaxing in their compound? Urgh, freaks me out every day. What a hater I am.

Anyway, I've been working at the comedy festival, which is pretty great. I'm an information lady. I sit in a booth and tell people what to see (pinnacle of my career). Ha, ha... despite sarcasm I do absolutely love it, so I thought I might do some reviews of stuff I've seen. If I do some print outs I could even make myself redundant and then just go and see shows instead of sitting in my booth. Rad.

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