Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andrew McClelland - Truth Be Told

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Victoria Hotel
Sunday 10/04/2011
5 Stars *****
Andrew McClelland is a delightful performer who has crafted a unique and intelligent style of comedy story-telling. McClelland has made his name exploring offbeat and somewhat niche topics, such as pirates and the fall of the Roman Empire and is currently enjoying television exposure Friday mornings on channel 10s The Circle where he talks about lol cats and other bizarre web based phenomena.

In his current show “Truth be Told” McClelland is erudite and charming. He draws material from his own life in a delightfully self-aware manner. He skilfully explores the discomforts of a well dressed and slightly old fashioned persona in an abrasive contemporary world.

McClelland confronts the big stuff... existential questions such as; why does he always fancy lesbians? As well as, the patenting of cravat wearing on Australian television (I’m sure we all know the responsible party). He also looks at the more mundane, such as French foreign legion snipers, dancing in Croatian forests and being eaten by man-eating boars, you know all the usual stuff.

“Truth be Told” is a more personal approach for the comedy styling’s of Mr McClelland and it really works for him, proper side splitting, tear rolling, shoulder jerking laughs being the pay off. Wonderfully charismatic, he is easy to warm to and even though some of his jokes go over the heads of less well read audience members, they forgive him as he is just so darn likeable. “Truth be Told” rates as one of the easiest and most intriguing shows I’ve seen to date.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bec Hill - 'Didn’t Want to Play your Stupid Game Anyway'

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Trades Hall
7pm, Friday, 08/04/2011

***** 5 stars

This wonderfully wacky and adorable 24 year old comedian questions the rules of ‘adulthood’ in her new show Didn't Want to Play your Stupid Game Anyway.

The show is appropriate for all of us of a grown-up persuasion and even a little younger. Hill is quite well mannered, as far as funny-people go. This show will, however, hold the greatest relevence for those of us who remember the point in our own lives when we realised our prior expectations of adult life were going to be nothing like the reality of it.

Hill’s usual props and interactive drawings are delightfully present and the show is less twee than previous offerings from the Adelaide born, London based performer. Grown ups all wear sensible clothes, serious glasses and carry briefcases don't they? Definately! Pfft!

Overall the writing is very clever and ideas are flawlessly linked. Her wonderful inventiveness and individuality have the audience begrudgingly forgive a couple of groan worthy puns and daggy jokes. She keeps the good times rolling, as she gets mad then makes an omelette.

A real coming of age show, Hill talks about selling out, moral integrity, independence and the stereotypes of adulthood. She truly is a marvellous performer and is upbeat, bouncy and energetic throughout.

A brilliant evening of laughs and loveliness, we are indulged with a guided tour through the glitter rainbow filled Bec-town. This is definitely a show for the big kid in all of us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adam Rozenbachs - Singledumber

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Tuesday 5th April 2011
Trades Hall (cnr of Victoria and Lygon st)
The Meeting Room. 
 *** 3 stars

Adam Rozenbachs is a 36 year old single bloke and his show – ‘Singledumber’ (following on from last year’s singledumb) is an account of his exploits falling in and out of relationships due to faux pas and incompatibilities with the ladies in question.

If you enjoy a relaxed, Jerry Seinfeld-esque chat about the amusing side of everyday life then Rozenbachs is the man for you. The title is suggestive of Rozenbachs self deprecating style which is perhaps one of his best assets.

The night I saw him the audience was an absolute dud. I can only assume they had all had their voice boxes removed earlier in the day and were chuckling along silently. Despite this Rozenbachs delivered, although hampered by a few nerves earlier in the set, as is understandable with such an unresponsive audience.

So – take your sense of humour along and you’ll have a rollicking good time. Rozenbachs is actually a really good looking guy; maybe someone should suggest he closet the love of heavy metal, Maccas and skate shoes from the 90s to bag a long term lady love.

A Tourist in Melbourne Town

So - here I am in chilly Melbourne, (actually, it's sunny right at the moment but if I've learnt anything over the past week it is never to believe the good weather, she's just a tease).

I have been more or less without internet for the last couple of weeks and so have found myself being productive in other ways, with visits to Art galleries, libraries, exercise, yoga, friends and work... you know, all that stuff that seems less important when you get distracted by the magical mysteries of the interwebs.

I am staying very near a suburb called Moonee ponds. Sound familiar possums? Yes, that's right, my friend Janine assures me it is the geographical and spiritual home land of Dame Edna. It feels great to be so close to a national treasure.

As I may have already mentioned to some of you, there is a church of scientology (alien acceptance headquarters) next door. Did you know they wear matching waistcoats while relaxing in their compound? Urgh, freaks me out every day. What a hater I am.

Anyway, I've been working at the comedy festival, which is pretty great. I'm an information lady. I sit in a booth and tell people what to see (pinnacle of my career). Ha, ha... despite sarcasm I do absolutely love it, so I thought I might do some reviews of stuff I've seen. If I do some print outs I could even make myself redundant and then just go and see shows instead of sitting in my booth. Rad.