Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upstairs at The Kings

As you may know, I have not long had a fancy pants new camera... a Canon digital SLR. Clearly I'm not a film purist, the convenience of the digital far outweigh the romanticism of film for me. Besides that; I've eaten enough sandwiches that taste like chemicals to last a lifetime.

I suspect my extended hours in the darkroom may have been spent as a result of a lack of technical skill with the contraption in the first place, but as per usual I made no efforts to remedy this.

So... as a result, I'm trying to slowly work it out and remember those years of photography classes. I have a manual and one day I may read it (hopefully).

Below are some snaps I took upstairs at The Kings Hotel (my former home away from home). It's probably worth sharing the ghostly and run down top floor that used to be a hostel to the kind of people that were willing to live above a pub.

If I remember correctly, it has been disused since 1994 / 95 and the majority of furnishings remain more or less the same, although much of it has been consolidated into a couple of rooms to free up other space for storage.

When I was working at the hotel, occasionally I was fortunate enough to have customers share their memories of the place with me and I have heard stories from people who lived there as a child. Often these people are just 'popping by' to see what has changed in the 40 years since their last visit. Needless to say it is usually a lot. Some are disappointed but most are impressed by the dramatic change of layout and the care, passion and energy that is now being injected into the place.

The run down ghostliness of the top floor's current state is quite fascinating and the peculiar things stashed upstairs captivated my interest... these are just a few of the pictures I took.


In total it's a series of 20 photographs, many of them close ups, as the wider views became huge tangled confusions of compositionally awkward frames due to the pure volume of 'stuff'.

Maybe one day I'll be able to pick the lock to the spooky room that is permanently locked... that would be pretty rad.

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