Monday, April 11, 2011

Bec Hill - 'Didn’t Want to Play your Stupid Game Anyway'

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Trades Hall
7pm, Friday, 08/04/2011

***** 5 stars

This wonderfully wacky and adorable 24 year old comedian questions the rules of ‘adulthood’ in her new show Didn't Want to Play your Stupid Game Anyway.

The show is appropriate for all of us of a grown-up persuasion and even a little younger. Hill is quite well mannered, as far as funny-people go. This show will, however, hold the greatest relevence for those of us who remember the point in our own lives when we realised our prior expectations of adult life were going to be nothing like the reality of it.

Hill’s usual props and interactive drawings are delightfully present and the show is less twee than previous offerings from the Adelaide born, London based performer. Grown ups all wear sensible clothes, serious glasses and carry briefcases don't they? Definately! Pfft!

Overall the writing is very clever and ideas are flawlessly linked. Her wonderful inventiveness and individuality have the audience begrudgingly forgive a couple of groan worthy puns and daggy jokes. She keeps the good times rolling, as she gets mad then makes an omelette.

A real coming of age show, Hill talks about selling out, moral integrity, independence and the stereotypes of adulthood. She truly is a marvellous performer and is upbeat, bouncy and energetic throughout.

A brilliant evening of laughs and loveliness, we are indulged with a guided tour through the glitter rainbow filled Bec-town. This is definitely a show for the big kid in all of us.

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