Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adam Rozenbachs - Singledumber

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Tuesday 5th April 2011
Trades Hall (cnr of Victoria and Lygon st)
The Meeting Room. 
 *** 3 stars

Adam Rozenbachs is a 36 year old single bloke and his show – ‘Singledumber’ (following on from last year’s singledumb) is an account of his exploits falling in and out of relationships due to faux pas and incompatibilities with the ladies in question.

If you enjoy a relaxed, Jerry Seinfeld-esque chat about the amusing side of everyday life then Rozenbachs is the man for you. The title is suggestive of Rozenbachs self deprecating style which is perhaps one of his best assets.

The night I saw him the audience was an absolute dud. I can only assume they had all had their voice boxes removed earlier in the day and were chuckling along silently. Despite this Rozenbachs delivered, although hampered by a few nerves earlier in the set, as is understandable with such an unresponsive audience.

So – take your sense of humour along and you’ll have a rollicking good time. Rozenbachs is actually a really good looking guy; maybe someone should suggest he closet the love of heavy metal, Maccas and skate shoes from the 90s to bag a long term lady love.

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