Monday, February 7, 2011

Spread the Luuurve *A book reccomendation*

I’m reading Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” At the moment. It is not at all the snide, calculating, ‘how to get ahead in business’ guide I had expected.

It is actually just something of an instructional manual on how to be nice to other people. I absolutely love it!
I’ve been feeling very much that the negativity and cynicism of my nearest and dearest, in fact our whole generation is adding to the dystopia of our existence. I’ve always been a big fan of all that ‘manifesting your own reality’ stuff... you are the only one who controls your own circumstances and mindset, so take some goddamn responsibility for it (cliché,cliché,cliché).

I still believe it though!

If there was one book currently, (yes this is a big call!) that I could make required reading for all my friends and associates, this would be it! What’s that you say? Not ‘The Game’, after you crapped on about it for weeks???

I do love the whole self-help phenomena despite my shame at how daggy most of this material is, I’m a complete sucker for it. I’ve been hiding self help books under my bed for about 10 years, if not longer in the hope that my ultimate spiritual enlightenment will be thought to have spontaneously erupted in my body when it does come about, rather than having been germinated as a seed many years ago. He he.

I feel as if I should be ashamed about this as I am about reading my star sign every day. But I suppose I’m not really. If the choice is between ‘right’ and ‘happy’, I choose ‘happy’ every time.

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